Transportation Services

Davies International can offer all customers a complete Freight management service from first order to final delivery for all transport needs. Operating across the UK and internationally, we are a fully GDP compliant transport operation catering for all products with ranging temperatures between Minus Thirty and Plus Thirty degrees Celsius. Each shipment collected and delivered by our team of trained drivers comes safe in the knowledge your products will be delivered securely and correctly in accordance with EUDRA / GDP standards.

We can provide your end customer with temperature records and hard copy version at the delivery point. Temperature and location reports can be generated and any point throughout the journey of your goods, you can even have direct access to the tracking portal, which can provide key information such as set point, trailer temperature and total traceability. All shipments are handled with the utmost care and security. Direct access to our portal can be made available for your business so shipments and reports can be monitored directly by you.


Since 2005, Davies International has been licensed by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) to store and distribute ambient pharmaceutical products (Plus 8 to Plus 25 degrees Celsius. Our robust Quality Systems consists of SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) that comply with EUDRA / GDP standards.

A Technical Agreement will be completed and approved with Davies International and at that stage your business can add our site to your licence.

Our clients range from pharmaceutical manufacturers to procurement companies. Whatever your requirements, we can store, handle and distribute a wide variety of pharmaceutical products that your company may deal with.